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Chain Link Fencing

Chain link fencing has a lot to offer. This sturdy fencing material can be used in a myriad of applications, and can even be the more attractive fencing option in some cases.

American Fence Crafters has used chain link to solve difficult challenges. For instance, we helped the U.S. Naval Academy find the answer to a food storage problem by designing a 30 foot high storage area topped with a ceiling of chain link fence materials. We love a challenging design project and this one brought us great satisfaction.

Chain link is an excellent choice for commercial security fences and gates. It can be topped with razor coil and other deterrents, as well as providing security without obscuring visibility. Chain link fencing can also demarcate work zones to comply with industry or safety regulations.

Residential chain link fences provide security for your home both by keeping children and pets in and pests out. While it may seem that chain link fencing will not afford the same privacy as other fence materials, there are accessories that can provide that extra privacy.

Chain link is a durable material that can withstand decades, if not centuries, of weathering and is the best fencing on which to grow flowering vines. It may also be that your property has a view that you do not want to obscure. Chain link comes in colors that meld with the landscape so that you can enjoy that view without much visual interference. When integrated into a landscape design, chain link is often more attractive than alternatives!

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