Commercial Fence Installation & Repair Experts

Commercial Fencing

American Fence Crafters is highly experienced in commercial fencing. We build fences for a variety of business types from commercial residential properties to government facilities.

Commercial fencing often uses thicker or higher grades of materials at greater heights than residential fencing. Gate systems and fence designs may be more elaborate or might need a more versatile functionality than those used in residential applications.

American Fence Crafters will work with you to design a fencing system that addresses all of the challenges your business faces in terms of egress, security, and liability. We have many options available to you, and we will customize your fence and gates to meet your unique needs.

From extensive field fencing, to high security fencing, to ornamental fencing, and even batting cages, American Fence Crafters has the expert knowledge and ingenuity to deliver exactly what the challenge calls for.

Call us today for a free onsite estimate. We’ll set up an appointment at your convenience to go over your needs, industry requirements, and any regulations or codes that must be followed.