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Driveway Gates

Gated driveways are beneficial to any type of property and enhance security fencing and security measures.

American Fence Crafters installs driveway gates that match the purpose and design of the fence. From chain link swing or slide gates, to ornamental gates, we will build a gate that matches the function, aesthetics, and needs of your home or business.

Driveway gates can be installed to match your existing or newly installed fence in any material. We specialize in custom work and we will make sure that your driveway gate matches the design of your fence and melds seamlessly with it. Driveway gates can be complete barrier gates, or can be purely ornamental, or somewhere in between.

Driveway gates can have manual operation, or we can install keypads and remote control systems.

Call American Fence Crafters today to discuss your driveway gate plans and schedule a free on property estimate.