Gazebos Installation & Repair Experts


Gazebos are a wonderful addition to a landscape. These structures are characterized by their round, hexagonal, or octagonal shape. They have both a floor and, usually, a complete roof. Because the floor is built off of the ground, air can pass under the gazebo which makes for a slight cooling affect. That affect, coupled with the breezes that can pass through it and the shade that it provides, makes a gazebo a nice place to enjoy the outdoors in the summer. They also supply cover for spending time outside in rainy or snowy weather.

American Fence Crafters builds gazebos that match or integrate well with your fence. Our designers will help you choose the right size for the gazebo and the best area to place it on your property. Gazebo diameters start at 8 feet, which fits furniture for two people comfortably. For every additional 2 feet added to that diameter, two more people can be accommodated.

Contact American Fence Crafters today for a free in-home estimate. A member of our team will meet with you to discuss placement and size of the gazebo and what materials would work best with the design you have in mind.