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Pet Fencing

Installing a pet fence not only keeps your pets from escaping, it protects you and your home from unwanted animals and provides you with the assurance that you will not be subject to liabilities if unwelcome persons are injured by your pet while on or near your property.

A wood, vinyl, or metal fence provides better security than invisible fencing for the reasons stated above. Physical fences are less likely to fail, and they provide an obstacle for intruders. Invisible fencing only keeps your animal inside – it does not protect it from wild animals or roaming neighborhood strays.

Pet fences can be constructed in a variety of materials, depending on your design vision, the type of pet or animal you have, and the needs of the animal. Vinyl fencing is low maintenance and easy to clean, chain link is strong and hard penetrate for even small animals, picket fences are attractive and discourage jumping and scaling, and aluminum fences still allow your animal to see out. Wood fencing offers great versatility and range of both design and height.

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